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Resources / downloads. Sarah's essential oils

Carers’ Wellbeing Day – 9th October 2014 held at Together Your Way, St Leonards on Sea

The attached hand out was written by Sarah Lillington. As relevant today as it was 6 years ago.

“In Andy and Sarah’s expert hands for the day we learnt how to breathe well, we were shown some therapeutic massage techniques we can use safely ourselves and practised these in pairs. There was a talk about the benefits of essential oils and we had a go at hand massage using a special balm which had been made freshly for the session. Sarah also led us through a guided visualisation and everyone left with a Lemon Balm plant, an essential oil, a sleep well CD and a bag full of useful hand-outs and information.”

Resources / downloads. AndyInPractice

Interview with Andy Jancewicz - co founder of CWI

Andy is a former Senior Lecturer and Clinic Tutor from the University of Westminster (1996 - 2009).
He is a carer and a therapist with almost 30 years experience and is currently working as a "key worker" in social care.

Resources / downloads. Supplements and psych drugs

The supplements that out-perform psych drugs

Ben Brown ND, is a speaker and science writer, a lecturer at BCNH College of Nutrition and Health, Director of Clinical Education for Pure Encapsulations and author of The Digestive Health Solutions.

Resources / downloads. CoronaVirusandDementia

Corona Virus and Dementia

Resources / downloads. Dawn Waldron

Interview with a Tunbridge Wells based Nutritional Therapist and 21-year survivor of Grade 3, Stage 3, receptor negative breast cancer

We are very privileged to have permission from Dawn to share with you an interview she gave for ICAN (Integrative Healthcare and Applied Nutrition). A really inspiring article which demands to be read.

Resources / downloads. HastingsClinic

(2013) Outcomes of a CAM bodywork Wellbeing Clinic on the quality of life in unpaid family members with caring responsibilities – a pilot study

Originally this pilot study was sent to East Sussex County Council and a number of local charities in Hastings and East Sussex. No interest was shown by any of the recipients. Shame on them all.
Abridged version first published in (2013) CAM care for the carers. cam June, p46 and then in the Shiatsu Society UK Journal (2015) The Care and Wellbeing of Carers, Shiatsu Society Journal (134) 5-9.

Resources / downloads. Tai Chi Lit Rev

(2001) Tai Chi Chuan’s role in maintaining independence in ageing people with chronic disease: a literature review, Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies (5)70-77

With thanks to the Physiotherapy Department of 1995, Bloomsbury Day Centre, Camden and Islington NHS Trust for inspiring me to write this paper. Out of date now as there have been a large number of studies since 2001, but ahead of its time when published.
(2001) Tai Chi Chuan’s role in maintaining independence in ageing people with chronic disease: a literature review, Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies (5)70-77

Resources / downloads. Learning how to breath

(2016) Learning How to Breath, Shiatsu Society Journal (137) 9-13

With many thanks to Dr Leon Chaitow ND, DO. (RIP September 2018).
“Read the book... it’s all in the book... just read it!”
The work continues...

Resources / downloads. OreWellbeingDay

Better Breathing - handout first distributed at our Carers Wellbeing Day, Ore Community Centre (Hastings), March 2016.

Practical breathing rehabilitation techniques for everyone - not just for helping Carers. Especially useful for anyone who might be dealing with stress or pain.

Always consult a doctor if you are in doubt about a medical condition.

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