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Group activities and self help interventions

News from CWI and Covid-19

We were awarded another small “Magic Little Grant” through their partnership with Postcode Community Trust. The funding is for delivering to carers virtual online Tai Chi and other health related exercise sessions - with supporting documents and links made available via email or our website - to help enable participants to practice further at home thus enabling carers to stay active during social isolation.

These sessions are especially designed so that they can also be performed seated by the participants in order to accommodate the needs of older or non weight baring individuals.

Our “virtual” classes have been running for some time now - available via Zoom, FaceTime, and Messenger (FaceBook) as these are the online platforms we are currently using whilst piloting this project.

Classes currently also include the following areas of interest; 18 Stance Taiji Qigong Shibashi form, Resistance Band Exercises, Breathing / Relaxation exercises based on the work of the late Leon Chaitow ND, DO.

Those of you who have attended our “Wellbeing Days” in the past or have been attending the “Forget-me-not Cafes” will also be familiar with a lot of these exercises.

It’s all good fun and there is no charge. If you are interested, you can contact Andy via email at
June 2020

The aim of our programme is to aid relaxation and wellbeing and help reduce the stress associated with caring through the use of bodywork like shiatsu and massage, movement therapies like tai chi and qi gong combined with simple breathing techniques - as well as through other natural self help interventions.

"Mindfulness based interventions (MBIs) encourage people to be interested in and be aware of present moment experiences (such as thoughts, feelings and sensations in the body) whilst learning to compassionately accept and not judge these experiences."

Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, Research Magazine p5, Issue 4 -2014

Additionally group activities can contribute towards helping reduce mental and emotional stress by the virtue that they are a social and therapeutic modality.

Lead Therapist: Andy Jancewicz BSc(Hons), Pg Cert in Higher Education, Fellow HEA, MRSS, CThA, CNHC Registered

Always consult a doctor if you are in doubt about a medical condition.

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